Certifications map to the new MCITP …

We’ve attempted to provide some guidance for MCSE candidates and IT Pros ever since the Server 2008 certification changes were announced; here are some of the more popular articles posted:

Windows Server 2008 Certifications — Death to the MCSE

Why Getting Your MCSE Now Is Still A Good Idea

What’s the Next Step for MCSEs?

This post covers,  how to upgrade your Microsoft Certifications to  the new MCITP certifications.

Interesting side note is that the MCSE Security Cert has been completely eliminated and built into all of the current MCITP certifications.

And also pointed out that the MCSE requires a total of 7 exams versus only 5 for the MCITP Enterprise Administrator. The Network Planning and Design exams have been consolidated into a single exam and the elective exam was eliminated.

If your company is still on Server 2003 and they’re not planning on making the switch to 2008 in the next year then go for your MCSE and then take the upgrade path to MCITP when you’re ready (it’s only 3 exams instead of 5). Otherwise go with the newest technology available, in this case Server 2008.

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